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Local Temperature 1.0

It displays the current temperature for your area in your desktop tray
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Local Temperature LLC

Local Temperature is a very small and simple tool that was meant to offer a really fast, easy and convenient method of checking the weather in your village, town or city: just by checking the tray area of your Windows desktop.

Unfortunately, there's a rather big problem with this neat application: it doesn't work. I tested the free version, or the one that was supposed to be free at the price of displaying ads, and not even the ad-displaying part was working. I tried changing the location and see the temperature for another city, but even if the new location was displayed in the program's small interface, the temperature remained the same. I even tested the app on a different computer, with different new locations, and it kept on displaying the same “72 degree” temperature. That's quite a pity, as otherwise, this nice little tool would've been pretty cool, even though it also completely lacks any additional features or options, and even though the weather data that it would have displayed is rather minimal.

So, to sum it all up, Local Temperature, in its current state, is rather useless and I'm sorry that I have to say it. If you want a tool that shows you the weather temperature in your area, you have to keep looking until you find one that also actually works.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • Very small and lightweight
  • It displays both the current temperature as well as tomorrow's forecast


  • Displays inaccurate data (It displays 72 degrees regardless of the selected locations.)
  • Cannot be closed using usual methods (no "Exit" option or close button)
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